The Winter Fire Fairy - The process of creating an artwork

Here's my latest photography artwork and a short story of how it was created for those who'd like to read about it.

The Winter Fire Fairy (with Neko Devilish) © Alejandro Lorenzo

The Winter Fire Fairy (with Neko Devilish)
© Alejandro Lorenzo

For the sake of teaching photography, as I try to find the words to tell this story, my thoughts are all over the place. Writing is surely somebody else’s profession but… here we go. I’ve made up my mind about teaching more.

The short version is about when I saw this advertisement. In the picture was a woman on a white landscape, covered with her parachute. The photo is taken at dusk and the parachute is illuminating the landscape with light from within. It was beautiful and poetic, so my first thought was, I’ve got to learn how to do that!

For the last 3 years I’ve been pretty immersed learning how to use flash lights on location. I started using the Speedlight for event photography and outdoor portraits. I guess this was just good timing.

First, I just took the wireless Speedlight and put it under garden fabric at the studio. I tried it with different settings. Then me and my alternative model, friend Neko went out a few times to do some testing. We went outdoors and then outdoors and then outdoors again. Practice makes the master, they say in Finland.

The Winter Fire Fairy - Test shoots © Alejandro Lorenzo

The Winter Fire Fairy - Test shoots © Alejandro Lorenzo

And all because as I kid I loved fairy tales and myths and then I’ve got a camera. Hah! :)
Practise makes the master, they say, and I believe them.

To my students:

Keep on practising that one thing you want. One thing at a time and then move to the next one. This is just a little something for the sake of teaching and a promise to keep on bringing up some more. If it helps anybody, that’ll be great.

And if you are not interested about learning photography, well, I hope you enjoy the photo.