Pirjo's Boudoir Photos (Huomenlahja): One year married and this is what he's got

My friends Mika and Pirjo got finally married a year ago. Pirjo came in secret by the studio 2 months ago for some boudoir photos as a 1 year married present for him. That was a secret… until now ;)

Happy 1 year wedding anniversary, guys!

See the photos and specially the last one. It's an old, funny story about two teenagers in lov... drunk as a skunk. But I'll let Pirjo herself will tell you about it ;)

And as promised, here's the story in Pirjo's own words

"We met -89 and went to school together on the same class and still have no memories ever discussing to each other. Life went by and 28.1.2012 we both attended a disco at Juva, a disco for youngsters. For the young people of Juva born in the 70’s. We dated for few months, but the time wasn’t right, and we separated. 1,5 years later Mika was drunk enough to tell his feelings and that he misses me (I was on a date with another man) and I wasn’t impressed... 

He didn’t remember the mean things I said to him (drunk as a skunk) so he called me the next day and the rest is history!"

Before we go: Pirjo's corset was made by Ilmatar corsetry & couture