Photographers for Jussi film awards gala

My friend Mikko Lyytikäinen and I got selected to be the official photographers at the Finnish Film industry Jussi awards gala.


Do you recognize the silhouette on the background? That’s Jussi! And he gentleman next to me on the photo is my friend Mikko . For the last two years he’s been taking some photos at film events and calling me to collaborate on some occasions. The result? Now we are going to be the official photographers at the Jussi film awards gala.

This is so good on so many levels! Mikko did most of the job towards this so I have to say that out loud. Yay! Not only this is a brilliant step professionally, but it’s a remarkable place to participate of the Finnish cultural industry. For me as a foreigner brings an extra kick of personal happiness. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be a tough job but we’ll manage.

And after that… we’ll keep on working our ass out towards next level.

Thank you Mikko! :D

More information about Jussi gala 2019