Multicultural independence party at Finlandia Hall, Suomi 100

Yesterday we had this huge event at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki to celebrate Finland's 100th independence day! #Mippi100

The yearly event stared a few years back in Caisa cultural center and is has grown ever since. 

“Since 2006, Moniheli ry has been organizing this happening in cooperation with Cultural Centre Caisa and Berde ry. In the past years, the Cultura foundation has joined the planning team. Along the years, the event was supported by Palmia, the Finnish Red Cross, the Finnish Refugee Council’s Organisation Incubator...”

It's a good mix of Finnish culture and everyone else's together, with great variety of performances and visitors and I have had the pleasure to document it every time. For the last few years we had it at the City Hall and this time we went to Finlandia Talo. I believe this was the third biggest independence day party in Finland, being the biggest one at Aalto yliopisto with about 1900 participants, I was there, having fun ;) and of course the one at the presidential palace with about 1800 participants. The theatre at Finlandia Hall has 1700 seats and it was practically full!

The event yesterday was hosted by

  • Cristal Snow & Suvi West

The speakers were:

  • City Mayor Jan Vapaavuori
  • Helsinki University, Chancellor Emeritus Thomas Wilhelmsson
  • Journalist Yagmur Özberkan

And performances by:

  • Paleface
  • Edson Modesto Crew
  • Street Soul Studio
  • AK
  • Isku
  • The Collective Sound Outfit
  • RDK
  • Bárbaro el Urbano & Yökoris Knights
  • Harjun Nuorisotalo

Also Siller choir sang the Estonian national anthem as they prepare to celebrate next year Estonian 100th anniversary and Stadin juhlaorkesteri played at the afterparty.

Here are the photos! :D