Born A Hero - First participants and looking for more.

Here are the first kids who came to the studio and got their photos done for the Born A Hero project. A few others have booked already their photo shoot and we are still looking for a few more to participate in this empowering art project.

Differences & diversity should be seen as a strength, not a weakness or a handicap. Good self-esteem starts in childhood & strong peer role models that children can look up to are needed to promote body positivity. All societies have implicit ideals of beauty and ‘normality’ which many simply do not feel that fit. For many kids, even small details can be a cross to bear. A visible mole? A scar? Glasses? Introversion? A blond afro? A skin condition? For some, the difference can be one that has a huge impact on one’s life, like a wheelchair or down’s syndrome. What unites these kids is the constant demand the society they live in makes on them to justify themselves. “What happened to you?” “Why are you like that?” “What’s WRONG with you?” can be daily questions and eventually lead to a damaged sense of self-worth, despite the best efforts of parents and teachers.

On the 9th of February, 2019, we will arrange an event to share the stories of these superheroes so apply now if you’d like to participate. All photos shall be taken at my studio in Helsinki by the half of January 2019.

See the photos and the application form below.

All participants will receive a printed copy of their portrait.
The project is an idea of Valisa Fon KS, who brought her daughter Mai.
The project is sponsored by Valisa herself, Luckan gallery and Espoo city.

Truly yours

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